I am a master industrial design student specialised in; system design, interaction design & music technology.

My name is Jort Band. I am currently doing a master Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology. I am specialised in; system design, interaction design and music technology. My passion is creating technological innovative and underlying complex musical instruments, where expressive qualities are key. If you like to work together or like to know more about my work, feel free to contact me.

C++ - Skilled

From Arduino to other embedded platforms. I can programm a synthesizer from scratch.

Arduino - Skilled

LED’s, displays, sound, audio, Wi-Fi, buttons, custom pressure sensors. Writing custom libraries. I have done it all with Arduino.

Processing - Skilled

Need a custom interface. I got you. Need some data visualised? On it. Need some kind of sound implementation? Done!

Pure Data - Intermediate

Experience with Pure Data concerns simple audio and midi programming.

DAW's - Intermediate

I have experience with several DAW's; Ableton, Garage Band, Reason, Sonar.

Adobe Suite - Skilled

Creating graphics using Photoshop or Illustrator or create something dynamic with Premiere Pro or After Effects. I got it.


I am able to speak and write English and Dutch like a pro. German and Frysian, I can speak, read and write these languages on a basic level.

DSP - Intermediate

Need me to whip you up simple synthesis building blocks (oscillators, ADSR's, filters, FM operator, LFO's, samplers), from nothing? I got you covered.

Electronics - Intermediate

When basic circuits need to be made and designed I am there for you.

Frontend Web - Skilled

I can create styled websites completely from scratch. I made this website completely in a code editor using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Current Work

I believe intelligence will become a big part of making music in the future. Due to technological advancements digital musical instruments can become more complex, offering new ways of connecting them and offer new types of interaction. To deal with the complexity these new technological possibilities have to offer new ways of interaction have to be found. For my graduation project I am investigating new types of interactions, using intelligence to deal with this complexity.

Currently I have explored two distinct possibilities for embedding intelligence in musical instruments in parallel; algorithmic composition and abstracting sound design. However to bring this project further I want to collaborate with experts within the field of music technology.


Image showing the initial prototypes. Up front the algorithmic composer, in the back the sound abstraction interface

Algorithmic Composition

To deal with increasingly complex sound generation and display systems like 4DSOUND and offer electronic performing musicians the ability to perform rather than playback their compositions, I wanted to explore algorithmic composition. I feel that algorithmic composition has the ability to offer new ways of creating new compositions and interacting with existing ones. However because musicians are not coders by default working with existing algorithmic compositional tools like Super Collider and Sonic Pi are not native to the interaction they are used to. For this reason I set out to explore the possibilities for a hardware interface, which was able to let musicians use algorithmic compositions in a relatively understandable way. For this I created my first prototype, which can be seen below. I am currently working on a second prototype, which focusses more on real time control, performance.


Image of the initial prototype of the Algorithmic Composer. It allows for simple composition using basic algorithms.


Rendering of the algorithmic composer explaining functional elements.

Abstracting Sound Design

Technological advancements allows synthesis engines to become a lot complexer than they currently are. However as humans need to have some level of comprehension of the underlying synthesis engines to effectively design sounds with them, increased complexity will negatively affect this. To this extent I have been searching new ways of dealing with this complexity. In this search intelligence has been key. The first idea was to use abstracted labels to create an abstraction layer above the synthesis engine. To verify if this was a valid idea I created a questionnaire and a physical interface using macro controls to affect synthesis sounds. However the results indicated a large part of subjectiveness when describing a sound and on top of this a plethora of labels to describe one macro parameter. For this reason I have been looking for different solutions using smart algorithms and dynamically changing controls.


The abstraction controller using abstracted labels for controlling the sound of different instruments.

Help me!

As this has been an inspiring start of the project, I want to see it come to fruition. For this I want to work with the best and brightest minds out there and for this reason I need partners in crime. Are you a musician or company that is interest in bringing these concepts further with me, please contact me.


Want to collaborate, work with me on a project, offer me a job? Feel free to contact me!


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