My name is Jort Band, born in Groningen; the Netherlands in 1991. I am currently a third year student at the Industrial Design department at the Technical University of Eindhoven.

I am a designer that loves music and technology; this is why I set my sights to work in the field of music technology, or similar fields.

I like to design things that do not promote laziness, but rather design tools that will help the user get the most out of themselves and their creativity.

I can work fine on my own, but I also work great within a team. I am driven with a passion for design and I like to incorporate my love for music and technology within my design. I am a fast learner and a hard dedicated worker, who likes to learn new things whenever he can.




Flight is an unobtrusive way of asking for help within the context of a company.

The assignment for this group project was: to think of new ways of communicating in the future and design for this. The municipality of Eindhoven was a stakeholder, who was set on developing the reputation of the city as Brainport Eindhoven (to attract businesses in the technology sector).ty of Eindhoven was a stakeholder, who were set on developing the reputation of the city as Brainport Eindhoven (to attract businesses in the technology sector).

The context of a company was chosen, to give focus to the challenge and the municipality wanted creative solutions for themselves as well as corporations within Eindhoven.

An object was made, which would stand on your desk, with which you could ask for work related help, when the need should arise. With this object the problem could metaphorically take flight and land on other desks, which have the same kind of objects. The users of these other desks could help with the problem, if they want and if not, they could just swipe the problem away. If a solution is presented the object will give notice to the user in an unobtrusive way, by means of a slowly pulsing light, as not to disturb during work.



A compact analog synthesizer made as a learning project.

Because of my love for analog synthesizers with their warm tone, their vast amount of knobs and interest in music and technology, an analog synthesizer was made for learning purposes.

The project started with several small circuits for signal generation and filtering. However due to the complexity of making a synthesizer with good oscillators, a schematic from: http://www.musicfromouterspace.com/, was slightly modified and used for internal design. The user interface and casing are of my own design.


Third Party

A system that enables two performers to get more out of their performance by letting them control a third party while they are playing.

The assignment was to enable performers to not only change their personal sound, but also an external sound, which could be the total sound or the sound of another performer.

The goal of this design was to allow electronic music to be performed live, as this is a developing musical area were live performance is minimal, but gaining popularity. It is also an area that tries to incorporate new technologies in music making and performance, which makes it a good candidate for a new design.
To achieve these goals in the design a third party was introduced, which could be influenced by two performers. To control the instruments the MPC and keyboard/synthesizer were chosen, because of the popularity in electronic music.

The goal was to make a device that outputted individual notes, which were controlled by the keyboard and MPC. Much like an arpeggiator the notes played by the keyboard would be stored in the machine which would output these individually, however unlike the arpeggiator an MPC could control which notes are outputted and when, by mapping these on the drum pad. The overall sound of the third party can be influenced trough an xyz-controller, which is controlled by the performer playing the keyboard.


Name: Jort Band

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Email: Jort_Band@hotmail.com